Benefits of On-Site Healthcare Services

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Benefits of On-Site Healthcare Services

As we continue to navigate the new norm, many employers are taking the extra step to provide additional health resources to their employees. One of the resources is access to on-site healthcare services where employees and other designated active members of the workplace can have access to medical, safety, and wellness services.

What Does On-Site Healthcare Provide?

Many companies first started integrating onsite health into the workplace for treating minor injuries and serving workplace health and safety needs. Today on-site healthcare is a source of health, safety, and wellness information due to wide range of services it provides including:

  • First aid and continual assessment of ergonomics and all work and non-work-related injuries
  • Health Screenings for viral infection, vision, respirator fit, hearing, diabetes, cholesterol and blood pressure
  • Preventative vaccinations
  • OSHA mandated certifications and training such as CPR and ERT training
  • First Aid Kit monitoring and restocking
on-site healthcare services
By offering an on-site wellness service, employees can have convenient access to healthcare while at work.

Benefits of On-Site Healthcare Services

Providing on-site healthcare not only satisfies the employees, but the lasting benefits will outweigh the costs of bringing an on-site healthcare team into your facility.

Reduced Healthcare Costs

With quality health care available at the workplace, employees can receive immediate medical care for non-emergency injuries for the fraction of the price an emergency room or hospital costs. Having a healthcare service on-site can also cut injury care costs by implementing preventative measures to reduce injuries from happening in the first place. The care team will become familiar with your workplace and can help identify potential health and safety risks

Increased Productivity

According to the American Medical Association when an employee leaves work for a doctor’s appointment it can take about four hours of productivity out of an employee’s workday. By offering on-site healthcare, companies will be able to reduce lost productivity resulting from an employee leaving, traveling, and receiving services offsite. Walking to the on-site healthcare team for a 15-minute appointment is not only convenient but is more productive for both the employee and the company.

Enhanced Employee Satisfaction

When it comes to ensuring employees are happy and healthy, access to on-site healthcare is a great place to start. While convenience plays a huge role in whether people use a service, the convenience of an healthcare services at work will allow employees to remain engaged in their overall health and wellness. Providing on-site healthcare could also be an appealing benefit for attracting and retaining employees. Offering health and wellness services shows employees that the company cares about their well-being and satisfaction with the organization.

Strengthening Your Workforce

Whether you’re a team of 5 or running a Fortune 500 company, controlling costs is a fact of corporate life. Offering on-site healthcare can help bring a new perspective to the often difficult to navigate healthcare system. Your medical team has the utmost safety and health expertise and understands the inner workings of the healthcare system to make it work best for your company. Adding on-site healthcare services to your company may seem like a ‘nice to have’, but the lasting benefits for both your bottom-line and your employees makes it an essential service to have.


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