Benefits of On-Site Healthcare Services

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Benefits of On-Site Healthcare Services

You want to keep your staff members healthy and happy, but you don’t have an unlimited budget to do so. As an employer, how do you balance both ends of this issue?

Having an on-site healthcare clinic is when an employer arranges for medical professionals to provide service at the workplace. They are typically open during the same operating hours as the business itself, providing ease of access to all employees. 

Why wait for healthcare when you can bring those services straight to your workplace? Skip the missed shifts, appointment delays, and wait times—with on-site healthcare services, these are troubles of the past. It gets rid of the obstacles that prevent employees from accessing wellness services when they need them. To learn more about how health clinics can help your business, keep reading:


It’s cost-effective.

Now and again, we all have an off day. It’s not unusual to call in sick when you’ve got a case of the sniffles. But what if those off days happen regularly, at the expense of the employer? In the United States, absenteeism costs employers $225.8 billion annually. A number like that is nothing to scoff (or cough) at. 

When you track your expenses in CMMS software for healthcare, you’ll notice that on-site care creates real savings when compared to traditional healthcare plans.

By paying for on-site healthcare services, you’ll see a reduction in employee sick days. That directly translates into more productivity and more profit. Better yet, when a doctor detects an issue early and prescribes preventative treatment, the bill is less expensive than if the problem was left untreated. At that late point, it would require a hefty healthcare claim to treat. 

It also benefits your employees financially: they can receive emergency care services immediately rather than having to call an ambulance.


Preventative care will keep your staff healthier.

People don’t always seek healthcare when they need it. They might face barriers like finances, travel time, or they can’t miss another day of work. 

The convenience of an on-site clinic will encourage your staff to get the help they need. Rather than delay a doctor’s appointment until it’s too late, they’ll seek out these services at the earliest convenience. It can prevent the development of major health issues. If an employee sees a doctor for regular screenings, cancer can be caught at its earliest stages, along with other diseases and health issues.

This wins out over reactive models of care, in which patients seek healthcare after problems have already developed. It tends to be more expensive and less effective than proactive care.

On-site health clinics can give sick employees the treatment they need at the appropriate time. Those who suffer from chronic diseases like arthritis, diabetes, and asthma can receive continual treatment for their issues. If they are sick with an infectious illness like the flu, they can get medication and then go home, rather than spread the sickness to other staff members.


It’s convenient.

How many times has an employee needed to take the afternoon off just to see their doctor? These hours add up, whether it’s in lost productivity or another staff member working overtime to compensate. 

Many of us tend to ignore the warning signs of illness. Even if we notice that something is off, we push through it and go to work anyway. This can lead to the problem getting worse before it gets better. But your employees are more likely to get their issues looked at when their workplace has an on-site health clinic.


Increase the productivity & satisfaction of your employees.

When your staff members are sick, they can’t work; it’s as simple as that. So, why not take extra efforts to ensure their well-being? 

Not only will it benefit the health of your staff, but it will improve the workplace morale. By setting up an on-site health clinic, you demonstrate to your employees that their quality of life matters to you. Better working conditions will keep your employees motivated, which in turn, benefits your business. When your employees are satisfied, they’ll stay with your company longer, and an on-site healthcare clinic is a benefit that your staff members won’t overlook. It’s a great way to make sure your top talent stays with your business. 


On-site healthcare clinics are becoming more popular with each passing year, and it’s clear to see why: these benefits speak for themselves. Are you interested in employer-based healthcare for your staff? Keep your team healthy and happy with the on-site healthcare services provided by Florence Medical Group

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