Cut Healthcare Costs by Hiring an Employer-Based Healthcare Team

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Cut Healthcare Costs by Hiring an Employer-Based Healthcare Team

The cost of healthcare seems to rise each year. This is due to many factors; increasing health problems, limited resources, and the overuse and misuse of these services. As an employer, you want to keep your staff healthy, but you might not be able to afford the costs you’re currently facing. How do you manage expenses without sacrificing your employees’ well-being?


Your business can benefit financially from an on-site medical team for employees. It’s a service that you can customize to deliver the most practical and affordable results. This makes it accessible for your workforce to receive healthcare and wellness services. If they have questions or concerns about their health, they can seek advice from a medical professional. There are numerous ways that taking a proactive approach to healthcare can cut your overall costs:


When your staff has improved well-being, your productivity will increase.

It is challenging to focus on work when health issues interfere, whether it’s due to physical pain like arthritis or emotional issues like depression. Well-being is integral to a productive workforce. Any employees that struggle with mental health problems can receive after-hours psychiatric care through online video calls. It’s a private way to address these needs at home so that they do not interfere with work. The healthier your staff is, the more productive they will be. 


Preventative healthcare saves money in the long-term.

In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, sometimes we forget to take care of ourselves. Even when we suspect that something may be wrong, we sweep it under the rug. This is a poor strategy when it comes to healthcare – it allows minor issues to turn into big problems. Consider this when adding up the expense of paying for on-site healthcare: it will prevent problems from developing, which would cost much more in the end.


You can keep track of costs.

Stay organized by using CMMS software for healthcare offices. You can monitor each transaction that occurs. This software makes it easy to see where your money is going – never again will you receive your annual employee healthcare bill and think, how did that happen? A CMMS software will keep track of each transaction, so you know exactly how costs add up. 


Take action when work accidents happen.

What do you do when a staff member breaks an arm or has a heart attack at work? An on-site healthcare team will be prepared to help the moment an injury occurs. Employees will receive the care they need as soon as they need it. Your staff won’t forget how they were looked after when they urgently required care, which can boost morale and loyalty.


With on-site healthcare, employees will be happier and stay on longer.

Do you know how much it costs your business when employees decide to leave? Consider the financial impact of high employee turnover; in some cases, that cost can be in the thousands. You’ll have to invest in searching for a replacement, hiring, and training them – time and money that definitely add up. Then, there’s the demoralizing effect on the rest of your staff. If they notice one of their close coworkers leaving, they might decide to do the same. How do you reduce this expense? Your employees will feel more satisfied when their healthcare is looked after. Adding medical services that are accessible from within the work building will incentivize employees to stay on with your company. 


Reduce sick days when your employees can receive on-site immunizations.

Many people refuse the yearly flu shot because it doesn’t fit into their schedules. This results in sick days that could have been avoided. With a nurse that is conveniently located in your company’s building, getting flu shots and immunizations will be easy for employees; they can simply go in on their lunch break. 


Regular access to breathalyzer and drug tests.

Concerned about whether your staff is using drugs or alcohol on a workday? Your worries can be addressed by a healthcare team. Schedule routine testing in coordination with your service providers to find any potential issues within your workforce.


Educate your employees about safety during a pandemic.

Your healthcare team will know best how to keep your workplace safe during COVID-19. They can educate employees about new physical distancing protocols and answer any questions they may have. They can also screen employees before coming into work for any symptoms, which may include a questionnaire and/or taking their temperature. These tactics will keep your workplace a healthy and safe place for your staff.


An on-site healthcare team will save your company money in medical expenses.

Studies show that the benefits of a readily available medical staff are numerous: it improves the health of employees over time, reduces the number of sick days, increases productivity, and ultimately saves you money. When your healthcare costs are rising, consider an employee-based healthcare team.


When you’re ready to consider employer-based healthcare for your team, consider the professionals at Florence Medical Group. Based in San Antonio, we serve the majority of the state and can help you streamline your healthcare practices and cut your overhead. Give our team a call today to get a free quote or learn more!

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